How it is different from the other trade associations, business forums and export promotion councils?

The answer is simple: most of these government or industry supported bodies provide general market information or demographic statistics of the countries that you want to export to or set up offices in. They even help you in showcasing your products/ ser¬vices by offering booth space at discounted prices in various international trade expos. Their limitation usually arises out of their nature, charter or reach which pre¬vents them from actual 'hands on' help.
So, when you want to set up on the ground as a first-timer, or take your existing busi¬ness to the next level in a foreign country, you are very much on your own out there.

What are the problems of doing business in other countries?

Having the right product at the right price simply isn't enough.
You also have to maneuver through a virtual minefield: geographical distances, lack of local presence, limited knowledge of the market, obtaining relevant quality confor¬mance certifications, expertise in legal and regulatory procedures, little or no local contacts, language barriers, renting of expensive office space, hiring of talent, stock¬ing, timely deliveries, logistics, supervision, administration - the list is endless and can seem daunting to most.

How does ITPA help you in overseas business?

When it comes to surmounting the many obstacles to doing business abroad, ITPA has few equals. If you are a member, we function as an extended arm of your busi¬ness, almost like your overseas branch office.
We provide you solutions to everything - from the absolutely necessary local contact address, stocking space, introductory and follow-up telephone calls, and prompt and effective responses to client communication, to visits for business development and order closure, sales and marketing support, human resources, translation services, legal expertise, regulatory clearances as well as distribution and deliveries. What's more, we do this in a surprisingly cost-effective manner.

How do you access the full range of ITPA services?

Membership begins with the payment of the annual registration fees, and is renewable every 365 days.
On registration, you get access to any or all services in the ITPA portfolio, all of which are charged for individually, according to the prevailing rate card and your require¬ments, at the end of every calendar month. Business-specific, customised services can also be offered at mutually agreed tariffs.

What you get automatically, on becoming an ITPA member?

  • The all important local liaison address, which can be used on your website, marketing and communication material
  • Invitations to participate in industry-specific seminars, workshops and presentations in Europe and India, organised by ITPA
  • Chances to participate in industry-focused buyer-seller meets around the world
  • Listing on ITPA website as trusted vendor/supplier in your choosen area
  • Help with client interaction during exhibitions