ITPA is a strategic, influential, and credible leader in the field of Technology services, consulting and IT infrastructure solutions. Our team of experts have diligently ensured that we align the IT solutions to meet today’s business needs of enterprises with agility and precision. We are global, and our customer base spans across industries on the worldwide map.

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Today, more and more companies want to export their products and services, in global markets. But, most of the time they face problems, due to lack of infrastructure and reach. ITPA, with a solid infrastructure supported by cutting-edge IT solutions, is powered by a team of qualified and experienced professionals, who  function as an extended arm of your business, almost like an overseas branch office, to offer on- demand, outsourced solutions to almost everything you need in the global market of your choice.

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ITPA has a complete range of events & exhibition services to suit your marketing plans, and fit your wallet anywhere in the world - from stand design, fabrication and erection, to electricals, maintenance and dismantling. Also, from venue selection, hotel bookings and travel services to translators, hostesses and food and beverage arrangements.

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Intercontinental Trade Promotion Agency a unique platform that is helping businesses compete globally

Whether you are new or a veteran, exporting overseas comes with a set of problems that can seem daunting to most. Commitment, dedication, aquired knowledge and experience may even help overcome many of them, but can you afford the time and money spent in doing so?


Make In India - Fast Track Centre

In keeping with ITPA's primary objective of facilitating trade across international borders, and in answer to the increasing demand from overseas customers wanting to explore the possibilities of setting up operations in India and examine the ecomonic viability of such projects, ITPA has planned to start off 'Make-In-India: Fast Track Centres' in USA Canada, Australia, EU and UK

GETC ( Global Engineering Trade Centre)

As part of its continuing initiative to promote and facilitate exports, ITPA has taken an initiative to set up 'Showrooms-cum-Wearhouses' at stategic locations in select countries across the EU and neighbousing regions.