ITPA can represent exhibitors as their dealer/ distributor, leveraging their unique set of remote services. This way, the off-site exhibitor can still continue their engagement with existing and potential customers at any tradeshow, without actually travelling for these shows and risking their health.

As the COVID 19 pandemic is growingly overwhelming countries, economies and lives, more and more businesses across the world are either sputtering to a halt or stand poised at the edge of the precipice. The good news is that exhibitors, who plan
to reboot their businesses and have already booked their stands, can now take advantage of ITPA’s unique value proposition.

These exhibitors can use ITPA’s remote services and still continue their engagement with existing and potential customers, without actually travelling for these shows and risking their health through potential exposure to the virus. What’s more, even if no
stand has been booked, participation is still possible through product and/ or poster/ graphic display in an ITPA-booked stand. And all this comes at extremely cost-effective prices, tailored for savings in these recessionary times.




In case exhibitors are not able to get visas on time, or do not want to travel for any show, ITPA can either represent the exhibitor company entirely, or provide part support through staff who will work in close contact with the exhibitor, through the show days. ITPA personnel will be present full time on stand, to explain customer products/ services to visitors. Based on the visitor’s requirements, ITPA representatives will use the latest communication technology in video conferencing to link visitor and customer directly.
ITPA has an active and continuing presence around the globe, and extensive experience in stand building at venues everywhere. Harnessing this rich knowledge bank, ITPA can design and build trade fair stands and pavilions, as per the new ‘post-CoVID’ norms specified by trade fair organisers and authorities in North and South America, European Union, Middle East and South East Asia.
All stands, where ITPA will represent the customer, will have CCTV coverage streaming live to customer phones/ laptops for the full duration of the show. This way, customers can directly stay in touch with ITPA personnel for real time instructions or course corrections as and where necessary.
All leads generated during this show, will be sent directly to respective members on day-to-day basis, which will help in following up the lead promptly.
With operations in North & South America, EU, CIS, Middle East and South East Asia, ITPA staff from local offices can help with participation or representation at any show in these geographies.
Customers wanting to ship their products, for later display at a trade fair, can do so to our designated local warehousing facility closest to the final venue. Once these products reach the ITPA facility, we will assist in transporting them to exhibition venue and getting them back if required. If customers so wish, they can store them at our facility for the next 12 months.
In case of technical products, if customers need help to install/ ship / service their product at buyer sites, ITPA’s team of freelance engineers/ technical consultants can get it done.

ITPA can represent participating companies by being their dealer/ distributor (for the duration of any tradeshow or for any other mutually agreed period), or help provide logistic support to ship products to designated dealers/ distributors inspecific regions.